Previous Events and Pictorial Calendars

The AICC(WA) is renowned for delivering thought leadership to WA Business through engaging and stimulating events.  The Chamber actively contributes to economic prosperity and future agenda of Western Australian business by presenting industry leaders to address contemporary issues, and by showcasing solutions.  In particular the AICC(WA) takes pride in presenting the invention and innovation of Israel that can contribute to the future efficiency and effectiveness of Western Australian industry in areas such as life sciences, medical technologies, infrastructure, natural resources, environmental and sustainability development. 

An archive of articles and event content summaries is available below;

2020 Events

Fighting the war against COVID-19, lessons from the frontline in WA and Israel - Prof Arnon Afek,  Dr David Russell-Weisz and Dr Robyn Lawrence

Modernising Consumer Law for the Digital Age - Mr Rod Sims on 6 August 2020

2019 Events

Innovation is about Empowering People - Ms Elizabeth Gaines

It's Up to Us to Make This Happen - Mr Roger Cook MLA

We Experienced Globalism Before It Happened - Ambassador Mark Sofer

FutureNOW:  Driven by the “Why” - Mr David Thodey

Do You Really Think China Will Save Australia? - Mr Gregory Copley - link to Mr Copley's notes

Smart Cities Require Smart Networks - Mr Paul O'Sullivan

2018 Events

Growing and Promoting WA’s Defence Industry - Hon Paul Paplia

Blockchain, Bubbles, and Bull...... - Mr Ian Love

Regional Variation in a National Economy - Mr Philip Lowe

Starting Local, Going Global  - Dr Charlie Day

An ACCC view of the WA Market - Mr Rod Sims

Israel Calling - Mr Larry Lopez and Mr John Poynton

Market disruption and Cyber Threats - Mr Volker Rath

We are all in this together - Bankwest Innovation Panel

Phenominal Phenomics - Professor Jeremy K Nicholson

Zig Zag into the FutureNOW - Ms Karen Lay-Brew and Mr Gregory R Copley

Sovereignty is a Value - Mr Greg Copley 

2017 Events

Mining to Dining - Mr Graham Laitt

Appleseeds - Ms Dafna Lifshitz

The Business Of Ideas - Prof Jospeh Klafter

Volatility, Innovation and Trust- Mr Ian Narev

Innovation and Business Transformation - Mr Geoff Culbert

More Crop Per Drop - AgTech Panel

2017 Geopolitical event- Mr Greg Copley and His Imperial Highness Prince Ermias Sahle-Selassie Haile-Selassie

FutureNOW: Wannacry - Mr Gary Hale, Prof Craig Valli and Mr Hans Haverhals

The Future of Education - Emeritus Professor Tracey Horton

How Data Science is Driving Digital Transformation at Woodside - Dr Tom RIdsdill-Smith

Secure and Productive: Industry's Connected Future - Mr Innes Willox

2016 Events

Australia's Welfare State - The Hon Christian Porter MP

The Most Important Resource; Human Ingenuity - Dr Dan Shechtman

Resilience and its Importance as a Woman of Achievement- Dr Linda Friedland

People Vs Technology; Who will Win? - Mr Morris Miselowski

Hacking Human Potential - Mr Andy Walshe

Fuelled by Attitude- Dr Alan Finkel

Medical Research in the 21st Century- Professor Anne Kelso

Can Australia Survive the Next 50 Years- Mr Gregory R Copley

Can a Good Leader be a Servant? - Mr Simon McKeown

The Academic Innovation System - Mr Yaacov Michlin

Entrepreneurship and Passion- Mr Uri Levine

Productivity - Led by the Power of Private Enterprise - Ms Jennifer Westacott

2015 Events

An Octogenarian's Ocean of Wisdom - His Holiness the Dalai Lama

Creating Value through the Adoption of Technology Innovation - Ms Diane Gander Smith and Dr Erica Smyth

Broadening the Knowledge Based Economy in WA - Prof Peter Klinken

An Outlook for Making Markets Work - Mr Rod Simms

The Future of the Public Sector - Dr Mike Nahan

Ambassador Sharma addresses AICC(WA) - His Excellency David Sharma

Women of Achievement Event - Ms Carol Schwartz

Woodside Oil and Gas Innovation Series - Mr Sean Salter

WA Values Past and Present - Her Excellency the Honourable Kerry Sanderson AO

The Impact of Technology on an Aging Workforce - Ms Sarah Adam-Gedge

Disruptive Change: The New Normal - Mr Paul Bassat

After the Boom - Governor Glenn Stevens

2014 Events

Chevron’s Global Centre for Oil and Gas Excellence - Mr Mike McLerie

The Future of WA Transport - Mr Reece Waldock

Technology Innovation in the Resources Sector - Mr Alan Cransberg and Mr Richard Cohen

Honour and Philanthropy - His Excellency Mr Malcolm McCusker AO

Chief Justice Proffers Modernisation - The Hon Wayne Martin AC

Cyber Security "It's Our Problem" - Mr Craig Vailli

Clough: A Journey of Transformation - Mr Kevin Gallagher

2013 Events

Ambassador farewells the West - His Excellency Yuval Rotem

The Inside Word on Cyber Security - Mr David Irvine

AICC(WA) Brings Out The Money Man - Mr Paul Clitheroe AM