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Why Israel? 

“In extending the opportunity for Western Australian business leaders to experience Israel's unique culture of innovation first hand, our alumnus will attest to what the AICC(WA) can offer, namely a national case study in business transformation, which has to be seen to be understood.”  - John Cluer, Chief Executive

Through regular Australian trade delegations to Israel, the AICC(WA) extends an opportunity for Western Australian’s to experience the phenomenon dubbed the “Start Up Nation” first hand.

These trips to Israel enable participants to gain an insight into how Israel deals with the problems and challenges that have has to be overcome for it to establish the only vibrant democracy in the middle east, with an outstanding international trade record and a major contribution to the academic, hi-tech, agribusiness, security and medical worlds.

Israel has developed a $300 billion economy amidst an existential quest for survival and domestic challenges of social integration.  In many ways Israel is a ‘pressure cooker’.  Business and political leaders in Australia can benefit from seeing how Israel manages the problems we in Australia have or likely to have in the future.  They can see how economic development, stimulated by a Venture Capital market that incubates and propels business on a global scale, has allowed new technology to flourish and has resulted in the iconic technology companies of the world to establish research and development operations in Israel.    

Israel is a small and intense country whose major resource is its people and their ability to think through and innovate solutions to problems.  The Chamber’s trade and other delegations have enabled visitors to learn and benefit from observing both Israel’s successes and its failures.

The AICC(WA) aspires to stimulate and ferment new thinking, new ideas, and new business relationships between Australia and Israel. 

By way of example the Chamber has hosted specific Venture Capital and Entrepreneurs Trade Missions focusing on Israel's VC and entrepreneurial society, innovative culture and extraordinary start-up environment.  An Oil and Gas Trade Mission to Israel was hosted to deliver exposure for Australian companies to get involved in Israel’s new and exciting oil and gas market that has only recently evolved.  Other delegations have focussed on the major contribution to the academic and medical worlds that Israel has contributed.  

Complemented by inbound Israeli delegations to Australia, many exciting new partnerships have evolved.  Bilateral trade contracts have led to the development of enhanced competitiveness, product diversification, and the identification of a new strategic niche for many Western Australian alumni of the AICC(WA) Israel trade delegations.