Transforming West Australian Desert into a Renewable Oasis

Posted on: Thursday, 2 July 2015 at 8:04:53 AM

Transforming our Desert into a Renewable Oasis

The AICC(WA) has launched a regional development initiative to bring new industry to the Pilbara region.

The AICC(WA)’s ‘Outreach’ links Israeli expertise to Western Australia to encourage, facilitate and drive real tangible and sustainable business outcomes. The AICC(WA) can assist the Pilbara by accessing some of Israel's leading minds, to help with building an eco-system which will retain the population and provide them with a sustainable industry that will be of value and stand the test of time.

The Key Drivers enabling economic diversification in the Pilbara are energy and abundant renewable resources, especially water to irrigate crops for developing Agri Food and Agri Biotech businesses.

Connecting WA’s hot, dry Pilbara Region with Israel’s arid Arava region for innovative collaboration can help create an Agri Biotech industry that will allow the North West desert-like region to “bloom” with valuable food, oil and processed nutriceutical crops. Concurrently, it will assist to develop an integrated renewable energy economy to substantially reduce the fossil diesel fuel reliance of off grid Energy Island mine sites, towns and independent indigenous communities.   

The project is being led by Project Leaders Mr Lawrence Kirton, Director AgGrow Group and supported by the AICC both locally and through its Tel Aviv office.

Download the Project Brief - The AICC(WA)’s Outreach WA Regional Development Initiative

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