China Business Series

Israel and China are two ancient nations dating back to antiquity. Australia is a modern nation with drive, motivation, resource and prosperity.  An economic axis of three modern and growing economies, Israel, China and Australia provides formidable potential for true global competitiveness both in emerging industries and through the development of challenger brands.

Since China established diplomatic relations with Israel in 1992, it has been following Israel’s example of rapid new industry development.  Many Israeli inventions are not only manufactured in China and backed by Chinese financing, but also find eager buyers in the vast Chinese commercial and consumer markets.

China’s strength is manufacturing while its weakness is innovation. Israel’s situation is the opposite.  By pursuing longer-term business development in China, Israel is discovering diversified and high volume new market opportunities.  Israel’s technology is now desired across a range of industries.  Beijing is determined to build a new Chinese economy that relies on innovation rather than imitation, hence its favorable embrace of Israel’s “start-up nation” business culture. 

The AICC(WA) established its China Business Series in partnership with the Australia China Business Council(WA).  The ability to integrate the strengths of Israel and Australian business delivers  

More information about the China Business Series is available through the following documents:

China Business Series Concept Paper - A summary of the launch of the China Business Series (April 2014) and overview of the Israel-China-Australia tri-axial relationship.

China, Israel, Australia and the Geopolitical Revolution - China Business Series Event (October 2014) featuring  His Excellency Mr Matan Vilnai, Israel's Ambassador to China.

A special update from the Asia Society (December 2015) - Australia and the innovation hubs of Asia and Israel