AICC(WA) Services

The AICC(WA) can deliver your business a competitive edge.  The Chamber has a range of capabilities and resources that can profile your business to facilitate unparalleled and exceptional access to business networks.  This is primarily achieved by the AICC(WA) through the sourcing of Israeli technology and innovation. 

AICC(WA) Members often come to think of us as a talent scout for their business development.

Our programs are bespoke and scalable, and broadly sit within the following areas;

Event Connection - participate by attending an event, hosting an event, sponsoring an event, or utilising the opportunity to extend corporate hospitality to your customers.

Business Connection - whether local or global, the AICC(WA) have the right connections to support your next move.  Within a private or public setting, our services range from introduction and facilitation through to commercial proposal development.  We have assisted AICC(WA) Members with diversification, from the identification of strategy through to execution.

Israel Connection - by identifying new technologies, new markets and bilateral trade opportunities, we can assist you to find the "next big thing" for your industry sector.  From customised workshops and cultural training in how to manage your Israel business relationships through to customised delegations that deliver you first hand and inside access to the decision makers that count.

The AICC(WA) has demonstrated experience and specialist access to the following market sectors:

  • Life sciences and medical technology
  • Cyber security, surveillance, and industry protection
  • Agritech, irrigation, viticulture and farming technologies
  • Resources and sustainable energy infrastructure
  • Venture Capital, technology transfer and economic analysis
  • Hi-tech systems, nanotechnology, and telecommunications
  • e-Government, smart cities, and public infrastructure
  • "Bloom to Boom" development of remote areas (fish farming, flower industries)
  • Food production, manufacturing, and processing technologies
  • Water and natural resource conservation

These, and many other flourishing Israeli industries stand at the forefront of global development.  The AICC(WA), through its affiliated Tel Aviv office, have on the ground resources in both Israel and across Western Australia to connect your business to the emerging technologies that will define the future.